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Food waste is everywhere in our lives and perhaps most importantly in the places where we’ve just stopped noticing. 

Food Waste Matters is all about having serious conversations with businesses, industry leaders and researchers who are on the front line in the fight against food waste. Our guests aren’t just discussing the problem, they’re living the solutions. Hear from food manufacturers, visionary farmers, and ground breaking researchers sharing real strategies for turning excess into success.

So, tune in, take action and subscribe to Food Waste Matters.  It’s time to make the most of our resources — for the planet, for the people and for the profit.

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Shining a spotlight on Australian businesses that are turning food waste into profit

What happens when a date lover and a doctor meet and find a shared passion for reducing food waste? 

After the deterioration of water quality and the onset of the millennium drought in the early ’90s, Dave Reilly pivoted from growing vegetables to wine grapes and eventually to date palms due to their high salt tolerance – a decision that would significantly shape their future endeavours.




From Waste to Paste

Previous episodes

Where you might see a blemish, Ugly Duck Fine Foods creates a delicacy.

Reducing food waste…it just makes sense.

In this episode of Food Waste Matters, host Dr. Joanne Freeman of Honey & Fox interviews Michelle Masher, the owner of Ugly Duck Fine Foods in Queensland. Michelle shares her journey, inspired by her German grandparents’ dairy farm, to combat food waste by transforming imperfect produce into delicious jams and relishes.

How does the collaboration of university research and industry expertise generate tomorrow’s leaders in tackling food waste? 

Jayne Gallagher is in conversation with Dr. Steven Lapidge, who is back with another CEO check-in with End Food Waste Australia. Hear about a new program that unites university research and industry expertise by sponsoring current professionals for a PhD that will explore and address food waste.

Let yourself dream for just a moment. Food with rich, fertile flavours, nurtured and grown with love and care in your own backyard. 

Today, we’re celebrating the amazing food our own backyard has to offer from an island south of the Seven Seas, Tasmania. Dr. Joanne Freeman is in discussion with Libby McKay from Eat Well Tasmania. Eat Well Tasmania champions healthy eating and promotes opportunities to eat healthy Tasmanian-grown, produced and value-added food.

With a staggering 5 million bananas consumed in Australian homes every day and a production value of 597 million, how are industry corporations addressing the issue of food waste? 

In this episode, Dr. Joanne Freeman is speaking with Melissa Smith, End Food Waste Australia and Dr Rosie Godwin Australian Banana Growers’ Council.

Do you think it’s possible to stand out in the food services sector by focusing on reducing food waste?

In this episode, Dr. Joanne Freeman is speaking with Tony Green, the CEO of Australian Food Service Advocacy Body (AFAB).

Picture this: the bread and bakery waste in Australia adds up to an astonishing 456 million loaves annually. Dr. Joanne Freeman sits down with Carolyn Cameron from End Food Waste Australia, where she’s spearheading initiatives as the Sector Action Plan Program Lead. Her role is pivotal in bringing together the key players in the supply chain to tackle food waste head-on. Today, we unpack the collaborative efforts that have culminated in the Bread and Bakery Sector Action Plan.  

What happens when food is left to drop and rot? Dr. Joanne Freeman interviews Kelly Johnson, owner of Woodlane Orchard for the Food Waste Matters Podcast. Kelly’s business revolves around purchasing surplus produce from local farmers and transforming it into dehydrated products like soups, meals, snacks, and garnishes.

The impact of food waste extends beyond simply disposing of unwanted food. It has a significant cost to businesses of all sizes. In this week’s episode of ‘Food Waste Matters’, Jayne Gallagher sits down with Dr Steve Lapidge, CEO of End Food Waste Australia, for an update about what is happening in the End Food Waste world.

In this episode Dr. Joanne Freeman chats with the Program Leaders from End Food Waste Australia who are committed to achieving this aim through different areas of focus. Professor David Pearson, Francesca Goodman-Smith, and Associate Professor Simon Lockrey provide updates about current and projected focus for 2024.

Season 2 Kicks Off with Jayne Gallagher and Dr. Joanne Freeman from Honey & Fox

Join us for the debut episode of 2024 for the Food Waste Matters Podcast. Jayne Gallagher and Dr Joanne Freeman from Honey & Fox are back to host the first episode, where they will fill you in on their key takeaways from the previous season and give you a sneak peek into what’s to come in 2024. Join them as they revisit some of their most memorable conversations.

Dr Steven Lapidge, CEO of Fight Food Waste Limited, shares recent developments in the battle against food waste in this End Food Waste update video.

In this final episode for 2023, Steve shares his overview for November after an exciting year including:

    • The annual conference at KPMG.

    • The future leader’s program.

    • Bringing all aspects together into one brand and one name, still with the same vision, of an Australia without food waste.

    • Changes to the team and new directors welcomed on board.

From Steve and the team, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. To view our new vision forward please visit

The Hidden Orchard is a unique food rescue initiative in Ballarat that focuses on harvesting unused fruit from private properties and public lands, redistributing it to the community.

Find out how to turn waste into profit

Watch, listen or read at a time that suits you

Find out how to turn waste into profit

Watch, listen or read at a time that suits you