Food Waste Matters

Industry Spotlight – Australian Institute of Packaging

Nerida Kelton


Nerida Kelton: Packaging  

Nerida Kelton from the Australian Institute of Packaging joins Andrew to talk about food packaging and the role this plays in reducing food waste. How can we manage the trade-offs with unsustainable packaging materials, such as plastics? Nerida explains how fit-for-purpose design, along with new innovations and education, can make a real difference in the fight against food waste.  

Find out what they are doing to advance food packaging in Australia

  • Considering food waste alongside packaging waste in sustainability plans is crucial 
  • According to the AIP, food waste is four times more harmful to the environment than packaging waste 
  • AIP supports transitioning away from non-recyclable materials, such as single-use plastics, to create a more sustainable packaging industry 
  • Intelligent packaging, such as QR codes and thermochromic inks, provides more information to consumers and plays a role in tracking, tracing, and preventing food spoilage 
  • Innovative solutions, like Simplot’s aerated chip box and freezer-ready packs, can improve food preservation, but their widespread adoption is hindered by cost 

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Nerida Kelton: Australian Institute of Packaging