Food Waste Matters

Don’t Waste Your Dough!

Don't Waste Your Dough


with Sector Action Lead, End Food Waste Australia. Carolyn Cameron

Picture this: the bread and bakery waste in Australia adds up to an astonishing 456 million loaves annually. Dr. Joanne Freeman sits down with Carolyn Cameron from End Food Waste Australia, where she’s spearheading initiatives as the Sector Action Plan Program Lead. Her role is pivotal in bringing together the key players in the supply chain to tackle food waste head-on. Today, we unpack the collaborative efforts that have culminated in the Bread and Bakery Sector Action Plan.  

Listen in as Joanne and Carolyn discuss: 

  • Collaboration and conversations to make the changes needed to reduce food waste. 
  • What’s causing the waste? What can we do about it? And where’s the best place to start making changes?  
  • The confronting statistic that 19% of all Australia’s food waste happens in food service and institutions. 
  • Solutions for the bakery industry, such as improved stock inventories and systems, measuring waste, and incentives such as the Don’t Waste Your Dough report which highlights the importance of progressive improvements. You can read more here  
  • The importance of establishing dialogue across industries and looking for opportunities to implement and increase productivity and profit for small businesses. 

If you are wanting to find out more information about the Sector Plans and how they could help your business to where you will find the six current action plans which include bread and bakery, dairy, food cold chain, food rescue, food service and horticulture.    

 And if you want to get in touch with Carolyn or one of the sector action plan team members just send an email to  

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