Food Waste Matters

From Waste to Wow – Your Winning Strategy

From Waste to Wow - Your Winning Strategy


with Tony Green, CEO of Australian Food Service Advocacy Body

Do you think it’s possible to stand out in the food services sector by focusing on reducing food waste?

In this episode, Dr. Joanne Freeman is speaking with Tony Green, the CEO of Australian Food Service Advocacy Body (AFAB). Since April 2021, AFAB has been working towards one goal: to boost and support Australia’s Foodservice sector. It unites senior leaders from all aspects of the industry to create a strong, unified voice for this vital supply chain. Listen in to hear all about: 

Tony’s passion for food waste reduction is apparent through the interview. As a chef for many years, it is clear that he is keen to advocate for the food industry in order to get industries on board. 

Tune in to uncover: 

  • The overlooked issue of waste: Why is monitoring and reducing the waste footprint not a priority for many businesses today? 
  • Cost-saving benefits: How can focusing on food waste reduction translate into financial savings for small business owners? 
  • Enhancing industry involvement: What steps can be taken to increase awareness, knowledge, and proactive measures in the sector? 

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