Food Waste Matters

Season 2 Kicks Off

Season 2 Kicks Off with Jayne Gallagher and Dr. Joanne Freeman from Honey & Fox


with Jayne Gallagher and Dr. Joanne Freeman from Honey & Fox

Join us for the debut episode of 2024 for the Food Waste Matters Podcast. Jayne Gallagher and Dr Joanne Freeman from Honey & Fox are back to host the first episode, where they will fill you in on their key takeaways from the previous season and give you a sneak peek into what’s to come in 2024. Join them as they revisit some of their most memorable conversations, including: 

  • How to tackle the issue of food waste in public areas by implementing the strategies discussed in the November 2023 episode featuring Ellen Burns from The Hidden Orchard.
  • Significant shifts in our thinking around what food looks like as touched on by Richard Tourino and Jonathan Englert from Good and Fugly.
  • Turning dehydrated food into meals for families from an original need as a single parent in an African community from Linda Manyeza at Food Masters South Africa.
  • Educating industry about sustainable approaches to seafood, with new and interesting product varieties using underutilised and undervalued food products with Uma Nguyen (also know as Fish Girl).

As Honey & Fox sat down to plan their second season, they brainstormed ways to make a bigger impact in the fight against food waste. As a result, episodes will now be released every two weeks, featuring special guests with unique perspectives on the issue.  

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