Food Waste Matters

Triple Impact: Engage, Transform, Reduce!

Triple Impact: Engage, Transform, Reduce!


with Program Leaders, End Food Waste Australia. Professor David Pearson, Francesca Goodman-Smith, and Associate Professor Simon Lockrey.

Food waste is a pressing issue in our society, yet it often goes unnoticed. End Food Waste Australia are a cooperative research organisation with a vision to see Australia without food waste, starting with the ambitious aim to halve wood waste by 2030.

In this episode Dr. Joanne Freeman chats with the Program Leaders from End Food Waste Australia who are committed to achieving this aim through different areas of focus. Professor David Pearson, Francesca Goodman-Smith, and Associate Professor Simon Lockrey provide updates about current and projected focus for 2024. In this episode you can hear about:

  • Focus for the Engage team, including what we do at home and when we go out to eat.
  • How individual assessments of food waste are often naively underestimated and the challenge for household waste.
  • Three behaviours which assist can food waste including cooking preparation, intentional shopping, and using leftovers.
  • Updates from the Transform team, including commercial feasibility of projects, investments, and startups.
  • Upcycling and creating new products from food waste.
  • Upgrades from the Reduce team, plus collaborations with stakeholders and researchers.
  • Supply chain interventions and interactions from the horticultural sector.

The Food Waste Matters podcast aims to shed light on this problem and spark serious conversations with industry leaders, businesses, and researchers who are actively combating food waste. If you or your organisation has an interest in helping consumers reduce food waste, please reach out to End Food Waste Australia on their website

To find out more about what is happening at End Food Waste Australia go to: Or if you want to reach out to one of the Program Leaders at End Food Waste Australia, just sent an email to

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