Food Waste Matters

Reduce Program: Prof. Simon Lockrey

Simon Lockrey


Reduce Program: Simon Lockrey  

In this Food Waste Matters Update, we spoke to Simon Lockrey from the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Council about some of the projects undertaken by the REDUCE Program over the last six months. Covering a broad range of sectors, from consumer insights to industry partnerships, Simon highlights successful initiatives like the ‘One Two Two’ project and offers a glimpse into future endeavours. The REDUCE program has an emphasis on collaboration, technology diffusion, and innovative interventions to create impactful change in both the retail and home spheres to reduce food waste. 

– The ‘One Two Two’ project, examining consumer perceptions of packaging and food waste, has been successfully completed.

– The Food Bank app, now named “Takeaway,” is set to undergo its third phase, aiming to streamline food charity distribution through technology. 

– The National Food Waste Summit provided insights and innovative ideas on how to reduce food waste to zero, involving significant collaboration between consumers, retailers, and industry experts.

– New projects are on the horizon for the REDUCE program, addressing areas such as date labelling, storage advice, and supply chain projects around commodities like oysters, prawns, and bananas.