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There’s a Story Behind Every Banana

There’s a Story in Every Banana with Melissa Smith, End Food Waste Australia and Dr Rosie Godwin Australian Banana Growers’ Council


with Melissa Smith, End Food Waste Australia and Dr Rosie Godwin Australian Banana Growers’ Council

The banana. Curvy, thick on the outside and softly sweet on the inside and surprisingly floats in water.

With a staggering 5 million bananas consumed in Australian homes every day and a production value of 597 million, how are industry corporations addressing the issue of food waste?  

In this episode, Dr Joanne Freeman chats with both Melissa Smith (End Food Waste Australia) and Dr Rosie Godwin (Australian Banana Growers’ Council) to hear about what the root causes and solutions towards less waste in the banana industry are. Listen in to hear all about: 

  • How people often mention that data without a purpose is meaningless, but when used to guide food waste reduction actions, it becomes incredibly valuable. 
  • It’s not easy to produce bananas at the snap of your fingers. Designing solutions for oversupply is tricky when people are running a business and need to meet market needs.  
  • It can be challenging because, as we are aware, consumers tend to demand a perfectly ripe yellow banana without any imperfections. However, this mindset is not sustainable if we truly want to reduce food waste.  
  • There needs to be an effort to educate consumers on the importance of accepting slight imperfections in order to achieve our goal. 

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A big thank you to ABGC and End Food Waste Australia for their time and support in fighting against food waste. 

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