Food Waste Matters

Too Good to Waste

Too Good to Waste


with Libby McKay, Eat Well Tasmania

Let yourself dream for just a moment. Food with rich, fertile flavours, nurtured and grown with love and care in your own backyard. 

Today, we’re celebrating the amazing food our own backyard has to offer from an island south of the Seven Seas, Tasmania. Dr. Joanne Freeman is in discussion with Libby McKay from Eat Well Tasmania. Eat Well Tasmania champions healthy eating and promotes opportunities to eat healthy Tasmanian-grown, produced and value-added food. Listen in to this interesting interview which covers topics such as: 

  • Creating healthier food systems throughout the food chain, from primary producers to policymakers, by increasing food literacy and understanding how to prepare and enjoy food while minimising food waste at home. 
  • Connecting people in the community to increase education about where food comes from and increase motivation not to waste food. 
  • Examples of role models aimed towards positive attitudes towards food waste. 
  • Challenges include eating within the seasons, time restrictions, convenience-led eating and cost of living. 

Want to learn more about Eat Well Tasmania? You can find more details at which includes recipes and information about local events and follow Eat Well Tasmania on Instagram @eatwelltasmania

Thank you to Libby McKay and Eat Well Tasmania for their time and support in fighting against food waste. 

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